KYROS Water Heater 75L – KWI075DHW2


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KYROS range: Low consumption, high performance.

Rointe introduce their new patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology with this new range. It represents the considerable advance in technology for heating and hot water products.

Just like the Rointe range of Radiators and Towel Rails, the KYROS water heaters benefit from the most advanced design and manufacture procedures, along with the most novel technology available and made from the highest quality components. This, along with the varied tank capacities available (50L-200L), makes them ideal for installations in all types of homes and professional centres.

The units have the benefit of the Rointe user friendly and easy to understand programming and control panel (also compatible with the Rointe Air Control Remote – sold separately in our shop). This programming allows you to set the unit to your desired temperatures 24/7, ranging from anti-frost to 80°C. You can also identify the amount of hot water available in the tank at a glance.

The units contain two steel heating elements that are connected in parallel, but work independently. Meaning should one fail, the other will continue to heat the water. Ensuring a continuous hot water supply even if one heating element fails.

The parallel heating elements sit inside the internal tank, which is made from 1.5mm sheet metal that has been coated with 0.5mm of vitreous enamel. This protects the tank from corrosion. The tank is then insulated with 3cm of rigid polyurethane foam. This foam has a very low thermal conductivity in order to reduce the heat loss form the tank, maintaining the internal water temperature and efficiency of the unit. The exterior cover is made from cold-rolled sheet steel, finished in the Rointe high standard white epoxy paint.

The unit offers total security with its anti-Legionella protection function.  The automatically activated system raises the temperature of the water eliminating all of the bacteria contained within the water.

Quality Assurance – Total security with 5 year warranty on the water heater body and 2 years warranty on all electrical and electronic components

It is recommended that you use a Rointe Installation Kit with Rointe Water Heaters.

Should you wish to further improve the efficiency of your water heater you could also purchase (sold separately – available in our shop) a Rointe Energy Saving Kit. The kit will help you to save energy by minimising heat loss through the pipes due to transporting water at a lower temperature.

The Energy Saving Kit operates by mixing the hot water close to the outlet with cold water from the mains supply piping the water straight to the point of use so that it arrives at the desired temperature. 

Capacity (L) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Empty Weight (kg) Power (W) Voltage (V)
 75 935 404 420 25 2,400 230

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