KYROS 1,430W 13 Element Electric Radiator – KRI1430RAD2


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KYROS range: Low consumption, high performance.

Rointe introduce their new patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology with this new range. It represents the considerable advance in technology for heating and hot water products.
All KYROS Series Rointe Radiators are fitted with an easy-to-use control panel. Using this control panel the user can select the desired temperature, set and check the programming of the radiator. The high resolution TFT Display allows all this information to be visible with maximum clarity from all angles.
An added feature to the display is that the user can adjust the brightness of the screen in both its ON and Stand-By modes.

Using the control panel (and the Air Control Infrared Remote Control that is also available – Sold Separately) the user can programme the unit adapted specifically for their needs 24/7, gaining comfort and saving time, energy and money. The new Fuzzy Logic Technology improves the administration of the power to the unit making the product start up quicker and more efficient.
A feature of the KYROS Series is the Open Window Function. This function is activated when the room temperature sensor detects a drop of 4°C from the user-assigned temperature over a half hour period. Under these circumstances, the unit will apply anti-frost mode (8°C) for 2 hours, reverting to normal functionality at the end of this period, or when the user intervenes by pressing the ON/OFF button.

The KYROS Series Radiators are made of elements of injected aluminium, the design promotes natural air convection. They are fitted with an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor which reads the true ambient temperature to within tenths of a degree.

Installing in student accommodation is now also possible. On request these radiators can be fitted with special software designed specifically with this in mind although it can be applied to other circumstances where you do not wish the settings to be changed. This allows the property, store, college or university manager or owner to programme the unit(s) to the desired settings and lock the controls, meaning they can only be overridden if someone uses the 2 hour boost function after which the unit will resume the programmed settings.
Easy to install. The units come with full installation kits and instructions.

Quality Assurance – Total security with 10 year warranty on aluminium and 2 years warranty on all electrical and electronic components. This can up extended to 7 years warranty on all electrical and electronic components if the units are fitted by C & J Electrical due to us being a certified and approved installers.

Number of Elements Nominal Power (W) Power per Element (W/element) Voltage (V) Current (A) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Installed Depth (mm) Weight (Kg)
13 1430 110 230V~ 6.2 1180 580 98 120 30

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